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About imarkprinting We are a local marketing and printing company in the northern VA offering quality services for your business. We specialize in custom post cards, business cards, door hangers and menus at the lowest cost and highest quality creating spectacular graphics and presentation to the public, your client, for fraction of the cost of standard methods. We have known the areas since 1983 and we have perfected the direct mail business to get the BEST results for your business. There are no upselling to sell you other items nor will be offer you something at a low cost and then add on other costs. We are a straight honest company that believe in customer service and value our clients.

Direct Mail Products Better than magazines and coupons stuffed in envelops where first the ad is printed on thin paper material and second hidden within many coupons or pages in a magazine where it is not as effective, we simply market your business on a standalone, thick stock, laminated (water resistant) full color gloss post card, business card, door hanger or menu. With our direct mail, you are exclusive, not put in with boat loads of other business where your message is drowned out. the ingredient is simple, experienced graphic designers, low cost, a high Quality product is more effective and more attractive than newspapers, coupons in envelops and magazines.

Direct Mail Services We can specifically deliver to certain areas of your choice or we can advise you on hot spots in your area. Together with your product and our expertise, will result in a better response for your business. We take your business seriously and it is just as important as it is to you. We create a project plan showing you the zip codes and the housing developments and create a report on what has been distributed to what area and a status of the work where no other competitor can come close to this kind of service.

Client Point of View Why hear it from us only, let our clients tell you. We have references you can contact that testify that this has worked for them. Our eye-catching format makes us the most appealing direct-mail advertising. We researched the areas and we know where to advertise your product.